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❶What is 10 times smaller than Ones?

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On the left side is "2", that is the whole number part. On the left side is "13", that is the whole number part. There are two digits on the right side, the 7 is in the "tenths" position, and the 6 is the "hundredths" position So, Tens are 10 times bigger than Ones Hundreds are 10 times bigger than Tens.

As we move right, each position is 10 times smaller. But what if we continue past Ones? What is 10 times smaller than Ones? But we must first put a decimal point , so we know exactly where the Ones position is:. On the left of the decimal point is a whole number such as As we move further left, every place gets 10 times bigger.

As we move further right, every place gets 10 times smaller one tenth as big. Just read through it, then look at the examples, then read it again. Count the spots behind the decimals Put the decimal point in your answer: Does our answer make sense?

Do a little rounding and think about it So, our answer should be a little less than Yep, our answer looks good! And remember, you can always grab a calculator to check your answers on these!

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