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If you would like to use a segment from a longer paper, make sure that the segment can be read on its own, without the rest of the paper. It might be a good idea to label the segment similar to this: Introduction and conclusion from a page thesis entitled "A Sample of a Writing Samples: Is This a Good Sample? Writing samples can be requested a number of ways. Sometimes you will submit the sample with your resume and cover letter or you may be asked to bring in a sample to the interview.

If you are asked to bring a sample in, print several copies to give to each interviewer. Please find the link to the module 2 quiz here. If you have not yet completed the self-assessment survey , please do so.

Remember, once you begin the quiz, you may not restart or retake it. Additionally, please be sure to upload the most recent and updated copy of your resume. If you have any questions, please contact heinz-career-academy andrew. Responsible for organizing events With this bullet point, it is not clear what tasks the candidate actually completed.

Emphasize what you have done, do not simply list your job duties. Show results, and quantify. Use numbers, percentages, frequency, volume, etc. Be relevant — mention the specific skills you have to do the job. Use action verbs to describe your work. Limit length to one page or two pages.

Be visually appealing and easy to read. The truth will be found out and many employers will terminate an employee if false information was provided during the hiring process. Do not have any misspellings, bad grammar, or poor punctuation. Do not use lengthy phrases, sentences or paragraphs. Be concise, but detailed! Do not include your birth date, marital status, religious affiliation, and personal philosophies.

Do not include salary information; save it for the interview. If you are required to give that information, reveal it in the cover letter. My name is Shan Jiang. I am Rey, a first-year student…. I am a first year student pursuing the accelerated…. During his undergraduate studies….

I majored in Software Engineering…. Call Write Technology Dr. X Resources Internship Results Survey results of the summer internships of the ETC class who will meet degree requirements in Worked on the design, implementation and evaluation of a generic peer-to-peer network architecture.

Proved tight lower bounds on the Area required by these adders for any given time T. In this project, we build mechanisms to help an ISP network detect if its network as a whole is under attack or if a significant portion of its network is carrying traffic aimed at bringing down an external destination.

In our scheme, routers in the ISP network construct profiles or fingerprints of traffic using stream-sampling algorithms. These fingerprints are used to identify anomalies and trigger suspicions about various flows. The suspicions are re-inforced by other routers to respond uniformly using RIO-based preferential packet dropping.

Joint work with Aditya Akella, Prof. Srini Seshan and Prof. The goal of the project was to answer the following question: We presented a case for such multi-modal protocols in our paper. Specifically, we discuss multi-modal reliability and routing.

We show the feasibility of designing multi-modal protocols by describing how these protocols can make operating mode decisions and switch modes without additional overhead. Traditional methods for debugging distributed programs are ineffective because the asynchrony and unpredictability of the interconnecting network results in system state which is hard to reproduce.

In this project, we designed and implemented a trace and replay based distributed debugger for the Java RMI system. In the replay phase, only one component is re-executed while the rest of the system is simulated using the traces recorded in the record phase. We thus manage to give a one-machine debugging perspective to the programmer.

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Introduction This guide addresses the most common questions asked by CMU-SV students about resumes. The goal is to help you develop a clearer understanding of how to craft an impactful resume. Search CMU Heinz Search. Search CMU Heinz Heinz College's Career Services advisors are willing to help with any of these and can offer tips and suggestions for how to make your documents the best they can be! concise, and honest. The letter should expand upon the resume and add personal flavor—you don’t want to sound robotic. Give.

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In this project, we build mechanisms to help an ISP network detect if its network as a whole is under attack or if a significant portion of its network is carrying traffic aimed at . Please forward resume' and letter of interest to: Human Resources CMU (Case Management Unit) South Cameron Street Harrisburg, PA MENTAL HEALTH: Blended Case Manager CMU (Case Management Unit) has immediate openings for Blended Case .